A Holiday Hoedown First!

Last year's wedding season was a blast, and we were also able to end the year with some really fun holiday events and meetings to plan out our new year.  A December highlight was the Holiday Hoedown we worked for a film production company called Neoscape. We've done our share of country themed parties and we expected this one not to be much different...but we were in for a surprise!

We arrived an hour early for set up, but not because they wanted us to get the music and dancing started right away. We actually needed to have our equipment in place so that it could be used as part of the set for their Holiday FILM! They had been working on a highly produced and hilarious Mean Girls parody starring their staff.  So we took our places, Zeke cued up the music, they set up elaborate lights and a boom microphone, and soon the actors were ready to take their places in their sexy santa suits.  Yup, they recreated the Jingle Bell rock scene from Mean Girls.  It was amazing. As someone who works in television as her day job, being on a set was exciting as always but not all that out of the ordinary.  Zeke, on the other hand, was blown away. I don't think he ever expected something like this to happen at one of our gigs, but I guess when you're hired by a film production company anything can happen! Want to see the video? Check it out here, and look for Zeke's cameo at TC 4:12!


Published by April on January 18, 2017